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Smoke Detectors

Complete Security Essex provides and installs smoke detectors for your home. We provide the following smoke detectors:

The manual call point:

The red box on the wall that everyone is familiar with. In the event of a fire a person would break the glass in the unit which in turn activates the fire alarm. Most commonly found at all exits to the outside of a building.

Heat detector:

Comes in two variants and are most commonly found in kitchens, boiler rooms or un clean environments. They come as Rate of Rise which detects a rapid increase in temperature or fixed temperature which will only activate after the room temperature exceeds a pre determined temperature set into the detector.

The alarm sounder:

Normally red and alerts occupants audibly to a fire. These can be supplemented by visual alarms ( flashing beacons ) where areas can be normally noisy i.e. factories or DDA compliance. General sound level required is 65 DBa or 75 DBa in a room of sleep at bed head level. The sounder can also be integrated with a smoke or heat detector making it an ideal option for bedrooms where the owner might not want to see a red sounder on the wall.

Beam detector:

Normally used in large areas such as warehouses. The beam detector can emit a beam reaching up to 100m in length from one end of a building to the other and can cover 1500m2 with a single unit. The beam is optical and when obscured by smoke (obscuration) will activate the fire alarm.

A wall mounted transmitter can be mounted up to 25m high (or 40m in P systems with Fire Brigade response time is within 5 minutes). This emits a beam to another wall mounted receiver at the other end of the building or a reflective plate which bounces the beam back to the other unit.

Deter and Detect Burglars

<p>Effective Burglar Detection</p>

Complete Security install, maintain and upgrade effective alarm systems for peace of mind.

NSI Gold Award

NSI Gold

Complete Security holds the NSI Gold Award for the installation of Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control systems.